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About the Authors

Brooke L Barr


As a child, Brooke’s father read her "The Hobbit" and took her to see every "Lord of the Rings" movie. She fell in love at first sight with fantasy. Always a creative child, she often spent time in her own world. At age seven, escaping to fantasy turned a new page when she created the world of Terrea. Terrea, and the character of Ares, evolved over time and grew with her. During the pandemic, Brooke, like so many others, found herself without a job and the one thing she always yearned for; time. With encouragement from her long-time friend, Carl, she decided to embark on the voyage to Terrea. Just like in any other fantasy, after reading the first chapter, Carl was hooked and wanted to come along for the ride, wherever it may take them. From that day forth, they both worked tirelessly to bring what was once a child’s escape alive in the form of this dark fantasy.

Carl W Colbath

Image by Florian Klauer

Carl’s love for writing and film began at a young age. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Screenwriting & Playwriting at Drexel University. Shortly afterwards, he moved out to Los Angeles. He has a variety of film and television projects in the works, but Covid brought on a new challenge that he looked forward to conquering; a novel. Together, Brooke and Carl set forth on a life altering adventure, similar to that of the characters in “Born of Fire” as they worked to complete their first novel. They have shed an incredible amount of blood, sweat, and tears into bringing this story of Terrea to life for you, the reader. He hopes you enjoy the ride as much as they have enjoyed the journey.

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